Burundi Pads & Panties Project 12/2021

Holiday Outreach Fellowship

Friday, December 3, 2021

5 BlessedGirl Leaders (Judy Kome, Blandine Hatungimana, Bernadette Ndirabika, Jeanine Ngabire, Christa Iwacu) under the leadership of Missionary Jane Kamua visited Lycee Municipal Ubumwe (Highschool Ubemwe). 

The team shared God’s love and compassion while introducing the BlessedGirl mission & health feminine hygiene training to 190 girls. The students were provided sanitary towels, donuts, & drinks. 

Thank you to all our generous supporters who helped make these smiling faces possible. Together we will continue to create the change today for a better tomorrow. 

We’re excited to continue our global work to end extreme poverty, fight for inequality and injustice, fix climate change and end period poverty. 

BlessedGirls in STEM

BlessedGirls Global hosts a Virtual Girls in STEM Summit

Central mission of the summit is to provide a multidisciplinary and diverse conference that will expose, empower, encourage and enlighten girls particularly girls of color on the academic and professional opportunities in STEM. Provide better communication and collaboration skills, an ability to think creatively about the world’s challenges, and tools that empower them to address the systemic inequities that exist in the world. 

The Summit serves girls interested in pursuing STEM degrees and exploring STEM career choices.

An exciting weekend of medical exposure, allied health careers, mentorship, keynote speakers and awards.

Target audience is students 12 years old and up, parents, educators, healthcare professionals, community leaders, scientists, engineers, and architects. 

Note, the Summit is open to all persons who identify as female, non-binary, or other gender identity or expression

BlessedGirls Summit LIVE 2021 is going to be a great experience full of
information and inspiration! 

  • Who:   Girls ages 12 and up interested in exploring STEM fields and career choices 

  • What:  Girls STEM Summit LIVE 2021 

  • When:  Hosted online two days

  • Dates:   Saturday, March 20 & 21, 2021                                                              

  • Fee: FREE for students  Sponsorships & Adult tickets start at $25 (both individual and group registrations available)

Girls attending Girls STEM Summit LIVE 2021 will:
  • Meet female STEM experts.

  • Attend Medical career track sessions.

  • Hear an inspirational keynote speech by a female leader in a STEM field.

  • Be exposed to today’s current Top Allied Health Programs

BG STEM Summit LIVE 2021: 

  • Impact and bridge the gap between girls’ passion for the topics and helping them find their way to successful STEM careers.

  • Fill an important gender gap in STEM jobs today and into the future.

  • Present topics and learning sessions in a way that makes STEM topics interesting, relevant to career paths, and approachable.

  • Highlight a variety of STEM industries.

Panties & Pads Project Day 1

Many girls stay home from school when they have their period and miss out on their education.

Girls most commonly dropout of school after Grade 6 because there aren’t private latrines where they can relieve themselves safely or manage their menstrual cycle. When girls stay in school longer, they are more likely to start their own businesses and, in turn, it has been shown that women are more likely to reinvest profits from business to promote their family’s health, children’s education, and future business growth.

For every year a girl spends in school she raises her family income by up to 20%.

Lack of education for girls contributes to early marriage, higher birth rates, and lower income. 

BlessedGirls Burundi Mentors are making a difference! Our team served, trained and provided panties & sanitary pads to over 100 girls in Gatumba at the Thanksgiving Church (Pastor Immanuel). 
Thanks to generous donations all girls were provided panties, pads, educated on how to use the pads and care for their bodies during their cycle. 

Your donation of:
$25 serves 8 girls
$50 serves 16 girls
$100 serves 30 girls
$200 serves 60 girls
Help us continue our work the Donation https://05c.f1d.myftpupload.com/donate-blessed-girl/.

Together we can make the world a better place and help every girl know she is BLESSED!

Be Bold
Be You 
Be Blessed

Dr. Anana

Burundian girls received sanitary napkins, panties and refreshments and BlessedGirls Meeting in Gatumba.

I Am BlessedGirl Essay Winner!

BlessedGirls are leading around the world!

This past summer we held our first global leadership summer academy in Georgetown, Guyana. Following the summer academy we offer monthly workshop to continue our academic, social and  personal development training. At our Fall BlessedGirls Global meeting the girls were trained on the power of influence and their ability to positively influence their classmates and community as they began a new school year,

The girls were offered the opportunity to participate in a essay contest. Assigned title of the essay was “I am BlessedGirl and I influence other by……”
Landra Richards is our essay winner. Landra is an 18 year old college student studying biology at the University of Guyana. She submitted an essay that truly conveys the values and mission of BlessedGirls.

Landra will receive a custom BlessedGirls hoodie and a Visa gift card.
Here’s an exert from her piece.

Help us celebrate our winner!

“Being able to positively influencing others began with me being BOLD enough to be myself. When I am able to fall in love with the gifts God has drilled into me and express myself with confidence, this same energy passes on to my peers that are itching do the same because then they think ”if she can do it, so can I”. I influence others by advocating for Equality for everyone from all walks of life. Frances Wright said that “Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it”, everyone deserves to be free but creativity and individuality is compromised when we act unfairly. For this reason I believe it’s important to stress on the right for equality. I am Determined to achieve great things, the goal of global equality included. Being a positive influence to others invokes that motivation that everyone needed as kid, however, like me, many people have grown without this. Nevertheless, I still choose to be bold, to lead, excel, shine, soar, strive for equality and stay determined!
I am Blessedgirl. I positively influence others. Now it’s your turn to do the same”

We are super proud of Landra and look forward to her continued success!
Stay tuned! We have some amazing young ladies doing incredible things!

Be Bold!
Be You!
Be BlessedGirl!


Presidential Invitation to Africa

Presidential Invitation to Africa – BlessedGirls is heading to Africa! World Civility Ambassador with IChange Nations Dr Anana Phifer-Derilhomme will attend H.E. Denise NKURUNZIZA International Women Leaders’ Conference. H.E. First Lady NKURUNZIZA is the only ordained minister currently serving as a first lady of any African nation. Last years conference welcomed 114 delegates from 24 nations. Dr. Phifer-Derilhomme will attend and share the vision programs that BlessedGirls has to offer to empower our youth with skills, training and inspiration to help end poverty, climate control and human/equal rights.

We also will provide musical instruments for the children in The Burundi Children’s Heritage Organization. The organizations mission is to: create the excellent primary, secondary schools and even universities, supervise and aid people considered most vulnerable i.e. orphans, widows, widowers, people who are handicapped, elderly, and Batwa tributes, fight for the human light in general particularly those in infants, sustain the visions of the youth, fight against the transmission of AIDS/HIV and others sexually transmitted illnesses, create the orphanages and centers for the elderly, participate in environmental protection, hold conferences, seminars and crusades for the youth, collaborate with other organizations or people in the country and abroad in order to benefit of the children who are vulnerable and the elderly.

The Children’s Organization is currently raising funds to provide musical instruments for the children, as we believe music is life and that’s why we have heartbeats. We ask that you join us because “If you help the children of today, you help the adults of tomorrow”

BlessedGirls would like to support the children in Burundi by providing band instruments during our visit.

Youth Leaders in London, UK

As summer comes to an end, we reflect on all the great things that have taken place.

In addition to our first every Global BlessedGirls Summer Camp in Guyana, South America we held our every 1st Youth Leadership Meeting at the University of Westminster in London, UK!

August 18, 2019, BlessedGirls gathered youth from London and the United States on the beautiful Marylebone Campus at the University of Westminster. The teenagers shared in a panel discussion on their roles as influencers in the community. They also identified those who have influenced them personally.

Anana Phifer-Derilhomme to trained along side fellow John Maxwell Team member Titi Timowo.  Anana gave the teenagers  a preliminary DISC profile assessment which reveals their personality styles and possible career paths.  Titi empowered the youth with “I Am” statements to affirm their strengths, identity and growth opportunities.

We had the pleasure of having a exceptional British teenager artist, speaker, entrepreneur, and author Shernorva Abioma. Shernova shared her story of success and strategies for reaching your full potential.

It was a great event for the youth and the adults who attended. We will continue to empower, educate and inspire youth around the world.

If you would like to schedule a workshop for your youth group and/or have Anana as speaker or trainer email us at [email protected]. We are committed and dedicated develop youth leaders around the world who will stand up for equality, and Be Bold! Be You!

Women Move the World-Women’s March 2019

“Never forget where we came from and always praise the bridges that carried us over.” Fannie Lou Hamer

I had the pleasure to join thousands of people at the National Women’s March on January 19, 2019. I marched with women, girls, men and boys in Atlantic City New Jersey. The experience inspired me. Have you ever attended an event or heard a message that simply moved your soul? Marching with this group, hearing from our Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver and many Freeholders and community leaders encouraged me to remember my history and take action to “make history”.

To walk, dance, sing and shout with perfect strangers on a mission to lift our voices and move the world. 

This particular march was not just a women’s march. It was a historical, commemorative event that honored the life and legacy of Fannie Lou Hamer. It was 55 years ago in 1964 that Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer and the Mississippi Freedom Party sough to take their rightful seats at the 1964 Democratic Convention which was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The exact auditorium we sat in was the same venue Ms. Hamer traveled to from Mississippi to testify about the brutality of Jim Crow and segregation.

Unfortunately,  knew very little about Ms. Hamer before attending the march. I vaguely recall she was a civil rights leader in the 60’s and was influential in the voter’s right movements. I had know idea how powerful, courageous, and strategic this woman was. You are now encouraged to look Ms Fannie Lou Hamer up. Share your thoughts and insights with me at [email protected].

You see, I am blessed. I stand on the shoulders of many bold, confident, resilient, progressive Black women. I will never forget where we came from as a people. The future is female. It’s time for women of all colors, religions, ethnicities, cultures, nationalities to Stand Up, Raise our Voices and Move the World in a positive direction just like Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer did.

I salute all the women that took a stand and ran for political office in November during the Mid-Term elections.

The outcomes were great and we can do so much more!

Let’s move the world

I am BlessedGirl



BG Vision Board Party – 2/24/18

Join us on February 24th @ 11 AM for our BlessedGirls Vision Board Party!

Our girls will create their very own vision board! A vision board is a powerful visualization tool that will inspire our girls to identify, visualize and  actualize their visions and dreams!  This is a FREE event but registration is required.  Please click here to register, email us at [email protected] or call 732-698-8311.

BG Day of Service – 2/3/18

In honor of Black History Month, join BlessedGirl for our Day of Service!  We will be serving at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey in Hillside, NJ from  11 AM to 1 PM on February 3, 2018.  Please bring your daughter(s) ages 12 and up for a day of community service and fun!

To register for the event, please click here to fill out the registration form or  send an email to [email protected] with your name and your daughter’s name and age.  Hurry the deadline is approaching!