Welcome To The Virtual Girls In STEM SUMMIT

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Day 2 Replay

Day 1 Agenda

Opening Welcome
Special Guest Kickoff
Tech Panel Geek Squad-Girl Squad Supporting Your Success
 Community & Climate Change
Game: Quizmaster’s challenge
4C’s Highlights
Panel Discussion Representation Matters in HealthCare
STEM Jeopardy
Impact of Isolation During a Pandemic
Closing Remarks

Day 2 Agenda

Opening Welcome
Saturday Recap
Exploring Careers in Allied Health
4C’s Highlight
Scholarships and Rewards
Closing Remarks


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Dr. Anana Phifer-Derilhomme

CEO Founder of BlessedGirls Global

Dr. Anana is an Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host, Author, Speaker, Success Coach and Mentor to girls and women around the world. Most recently Dr Anana was appointed an International Honorary Chaplain & Coach by the Humanitarian Diplomatic Alliance. Dr Anana was named a 2020 Iconic Influencer and featured in A Coffee Table Book Comprising of Global Influencers. This book is launched in India, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Insondesia, London and USA. She is a Regional Statesman of IChange Nations. Dr. Anana Phifer-Derilhomme is the President & Founder of BlessedGirls, a Non-Profit Youth Leadership and Mentor Organization with a resourceful curriculum that educates girls and highlights female leaders from around the world to empower youth to be the change agents needed in their community to end poverty and stand for equality. BlessedGirl Academy provides educational enrichment activities and mentoring programs designed to develop leadership skills in children considered “at risk” youth. BGA provides girls with the skills necessary to outline a life pathway that includes self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship. In order to overcome any real or perceived learning gaps all BGA activities are designed to be integrated into an existing academic environment with the cooperation of school administrators, educators, community service organizations and other professionals while supporting the academic coals of your local schools.

BlessedGirls most recent global campaign is Panties in Pads Project works to end Period Poverty in Burundi, East Africa. In 2020 BlessedGirls Global hosted 2 International Women & Youth Virtual Civility Conferences which featured female experts from the USA, South Africa, East Africa and South America. The conference highlighted challenges and provided solutions in the 4 C’s Civility, Community, Creativity and Climate Change. The 4C’s philosophy is a resource tool and reference table to assist you in your ability to improve your understanding, communication, relationships and create a better healthy environment for the future. It creates unity between people of all ages. The 4C’s when used appropriately will bridge that gap between generations, cultures and continents. Each author brings their authentic expressions, experience, perspectives.

Dr Anana hosts a weekly talk show and podcast “Real Talk Real Solutions”, which offers honest dialogue to produce change through civility. The broadcast features world leaders, business owners and unsung heroes from around the world. The idea that one’s story can inspire someone else to fulfill their purpose is what drives the dynamic talk show and its audience. 

She is the recipient of The 2020 World Greatness Award in London, UK. As an International World Civility Ambassador, Dr. Anana Phifer-Derilhomme uses her wisdom and ability to direct important public issues regarding humanity and work with girls and women globally. She is the creator of the BlessedGirl Superhero – BGS (black teenage girl superhero). BGS is a cartoon character that educates, inspires and encourages girls to develop a positive self-image, business development, and community leadership. Dr. Phifer-Derilhomme is the Founder, Coach and Trainer with Moms on A Mission. MOMS Organization trains women to transform their lives with “Mission I-AM Possible”, where women heal, grow, rejuvenate and stimulate their passion and fulfill their God-given purpose. The program provides proven success strategies that help others acknowledge, develop and fulfill their greatness. She is privileged to work with a team of inspiring business partners in the United States, London, Canada, South America and USVI. She is a Certified John Maxwell Coach and Trainer with proven success strategies to help you design and develop the life you dream of. Dr Anana has provided dozens of leadership training sessions allowing attendees to reach their potential and not “postpone their purpose”.

As a business and confidence coach she can help you get to your next BIG WIN by getting clear, confident and courageous about your purpose & destiny. 

Anana is a three-time author (A Mothers Love: Letters to Our Sons, Live Your Best Life: Answer the Call, & BlessedGirl Superhero: Book of Affirmations)

She is a dedicated wife and mother to 3 extraordinary young men.

Dr. Phifer-Derilhomme is simply a blessed girl- blessed with the ability to help others discover,

appreciate and manifest their blessings. She is a sought-out for being an enthusiastic and accountable leader. As a professional speaker, mentored by Professor Dr. Ruben West-Black Belt Speakers Global & Prof Ambassador Dr Clyde Rivers, she speaks at conferences, churches, and community events about the importance of personal development, entrepreneurship, community, and self-empowerment. She has the gift and calling to get you to see past your fears & limitations, overcome your obstacles, no longer settle but SOAR into Greatness!

“As the butterfly evolves, so do we as God’s chosen vessels to live a life of passion & purpose.” Dr Anana